Kids should start drumming from a young age for better coordination, fitness, and happiness. Drumming is also a great way to connect with adults and other children that also love to play music.


Drumming is great for a child’s coordination. It requires a delicate mix of tempo, rhythm, and timbre while moving the arms and legs simultaneously. Kids spend a lot of time in front of devices, so anything that can get the body moving while making a mind-body connection is positive.


A long session of drum practice will get the heart rate up and will burn some calories. It is an excellent way for children to burn off all that excess energy that can drive parents crazy. Drumming also strengthens muscles that other kids neglect to work. Strong and healthy kids become the same type of adults so moving around the drum kit has many advantages,


Children deal with all kinds of frustrations throughout their day and always love to have some fun to ignore the other things that are going on in their lives. Drumming is a great way to forget about school or family dramas. It is also a way to get rid of pent up frustrations. Kids often have many adults around them that are overbearing or continually give them orders. Drumming is a great way to connect with adults and other children in a much more relaxed environment.


Kids have many opportunities to connect with teachers, other children, and professional drummers. Meeting lots of different people helps children to socialise and meet other people that they wouldn’t normally be around. Kids may even learn to play the drums with other children and make a band of young musicians. Valuable friendships with other young musicians could last well into adulthood.

Kids that drum are happy, healthy, and well connected, making it an excellent choice of musical instrument.

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