Did you know that drumming is good for your health? Many people aren’t aware that beating a drum helps to synchronise your left and right brain. It promotes clarity and feelings of well-being. These effects on the brain may explain why drumming can produce euphoria. As a result, drummers combat a variety of illnesses, such as fatigue, arthritis, and mental problems. Here are five healthy reasons you should consider making drumming a part of your regular routine.


Banging on a drum, or listening to the audio of drumming, makes you happy. Besides endorphins, drumming releases alpha waves which promote good feelings and a sense of well-being. Why? The sound of the drum helps to connect neurons in your brain. These new connections are essential to self-awareness. Meditation has long been associated with alpha waves; the electrical brain activity which occurs when your body is relaxing. Drumming also increases the alpha waves, producing a genuine high.

Immune System

Are you looking to boost up your immune system? Drumming increases natural T cells. Like soldiers, T cells defend the body against invading illnesses, support other cells, and kill viruses. Increasing T cells helps the body fight off a variety of sicknesses, including cancer and HIV. By reducing stress, drumming also helps prevent series illnesses, such as a stroke, or a breakdown in the immune system.

Brain Activity

The sound and rhythm of drumming reaches the entire brain, generating neural connections where there is damage or disorder. These beats can retrain the brain, helping it to heal from disease or impairment. Such healing may improve speech, memory, or vision. When the left and the right brain are in harmony, the brain and body begin a healing process.

Pain Relief

Patients who experience chronic pain are almost always given pain killers. Doctors, such as those at livi, work diligently to improve life quality for patients in pain. However, drumming produces natural endorphins, a hormone with an analgesic influence on the body. It’s the brain’s way of helping a patient control pain naturally. Also, drumming may also prevent a patient from focusing on circumstances which cause distress or pain.


Drumming provides a way to release negative emotions and pent-up frustrations. It’s a fun way to beat out bad feelings literally. Thus, drummers are able to remove energy blocks and deal with emotions that keep them from progressing. Vibrations easily move through cells in the body, helping with the release of negativity on a cellular level. Studies have shown drumming has many benefits for health. By using a drum as a medium of self-expression, a person may connect with a reservoir of natural healing benefits for the brain and body.

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