Some of the most famous rock drummers of all time have shown what natural ability and creativity can do to an audience. Here are just a few famous rock drummers and their contribution to drumming.

Ringo Starr is probably one of the most famous drummers of all time. His drumming for the Beatles happened as massive changes were happening in music as well as outside of entertainment. Drumming was more than timekeeping for Ringo and it required creativity and unique drum parts for every song. He could be heard driving hard rolls on the snare and, double strokes on the bass in songs like ‘She Loves You’. In later psychedelic tracks, it was common for him to be experimenting with percussion instruments.

Keith Moon was as famous for his flamboyant drumming style. He was a member of the Who and showed was famous for making fills instinctively, often with little regard for the timing of a song. He also did not like solos and was one of the first rock drummers to use double bass drumming as well as experimenting with gongs, timpani and other percussion instruments.

John Bonham was a member of Led Zeppelin as well as the Yardbirds. Bonham was influenced by Jazz, Soul, and Blues and his drumming often had a swing feel as a result. He often used heavy sticks and his bass drum playing as well as cymbals were well known for sonic presence leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. He would also use double bass drums to achieve this.

These three rock drummers performed in huge stadiums but also played at a time when musicians played in small venues and had a hard growing before getting recognition. Perhaps this is why these drummers were able to capture the imagination of the audience so well. They not only knew what the audience wanted but knew when to add variation to a song or their playing.

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