What It Takes To Be A Drummer

  • Rhythm

More than anything a sense of rhythm is essential if someone wishes to play the drums well. The great drummers are born with this gift. However, it is possible to learn rhythmic recognition. The best way to do this is by listening to as much music as possible.

  • Multitasking

A drummer will need to use all of his arms and legs in order to perform. A lot of the time each of these limbs will work separately from each other on distinctive beats. The pros will spend years perfecting this task. Not only that, a good drummer will also have to pay attention to what the other band members are doing in order to keep in time.

  • Perseverance

Learning the drums at a proficient level is no easy task. It requires a lot of hard work over time. This is why it is best to start lessons at a fairly young age. This isn’t to say that older people can not become good drummers. It just means they will have to work even harder.

What Drummers Should Wear

  • Shoes

The feet are used to work pedals while drumming. Therefore the drummer should wear comfortable, flat shoes. There are many sites online that provide this type of shoe, including Footway. This particular website has a wide range of big brands to choose from.

  • Clothes

It is easy to overheat while performing. So drummers should wear light clothing that lets in air. T-shirts are ideal in this regard. However, some bands like to dress in elaborate costumes. In these cases particular attention should be given to the drummers outfit in order ensure that it does not overheat.

  • Sweatbands

Many drummers choose to wear sweatbands and for good reason. Perspiration will be a constant issue when using this instrument. A sweatband will help to stop the hands becoming slippery.

Best Drummers

  • Rick Allen

The drummer for rock band Def Leppard is an inspiration for all musicians. Despite losing an arm in an accident he continues to play the drums thanks to a custom made set.

  • Nicko McBrain

Iron Maiden are known for their fast paced heavy metal tunes. It is impressive that McBrain has the endurance to perform big sets night after night during their world tours.

  • Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl is one of the most prolific drummers of all time. He started out in the grunge band Nirvana. His percussion style helped to define the sound of the entire genre. Despite becoming more famous as a vocalist he still plays the drums for Queens of the Stone Age. Over the years he has risen to the point of being one of the biggest faces in rock music.

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